a dead identity:

one of n, bits cold on a long disconnected wire;ghosts of magnetic bits in long recycled metals;impressions on hypermediated neurons fade, redundant/distributed as they may behypermedia fades in pay-to-play schemeshypermedia fades in peer-to-peer systems: the promise of immutability is immutable garbage

What else could be here?

This, but in a different language*. A Game. The post about subminimalism I’ve been living too subminimally to write. Work, if I had any. Thoughts about problems, if I had any to share.

There is no such thing as a Day

And on the 4th such instance of nothing, a database column probably called ‘user_stars’ was incremented to 7 and, after only a small headache, 8. More countable nothing passes in an error state. The value in memory is now 12.

Something always has to be empty

Too much happening becomes nothing, joins itself at opposite ends of an infinite ring. It’s #AoC & I’ve been doing it for the first time, with shamefully hacky Python, just getting the vibe. I’ve been doing something that’s alleged to be “learning SQL,” but that doesn’t feel like what I’ve been doing at all. I… Continue reading Something always has to be empty